AboutWhat Drives Us

Our mission is to improve the quality, equity and affordability of employer-sponsored health care in the U.S.

In the United States, more than 160 million people depend on employer-sponsored health care. While employers make significant financial investments to provide health benefits to their employees, health care quality and outcomes are not keeping pace with rising costs.

Today, many Americans with employer-sponsored health care face significant barriers to receiving high-quality, affordable and equitable health care. Antiquated models of care delivery incentivize providers for the number of patients they see or services they perform, rather than improvements in patients’ health and well-being.

These challenges compound long-standing health disparities in the U.S. – even among individuals who have employer-sponsored health care.

Launched in 2021, Morgan Health is investing $250 million of JPMorgan Chase & Co. capital in promising health care companies. We are focused on accountable care, virtual and in-home care delivery, care management, and data and analytics companies driving improvement in outcomes and quality.

Our strategy Waypoints

Morgan Health works closely with business leaders across JPMorgan Chase, and engages with market leaders, our portfolio companies, policymakers and community stakeholders to understand and address unmet needs. We track our success against real-life outcomes for employers and their employees.

Reduce avoidable utilization, including hospital admissions

Improve management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Reduce percentage of employees citing financial concerns as reasons for avoiding care

Decrease disproportionate prevalence of select diseases across race, income and geography

Increase the number of lives covered by accountable care arrangements

Generate a market return on invested capital

Our business Pathways

Strategic investor

Morgan Health serves as a strategic investor, helping our portfolio companies sustain meaningful growth to serve employers of all sizes. Our investments to date have focused on companies advancing accountable care and value-based insurance, care navigation and quality improvements, virtual and in-home care delivery, fertility and family planning, and use of advanced analytics.

We completed five transactions in our first 18 months, deploying $130M of $250M in JPMorgan Chase capital to Vera Whole Health (now apree health), Centivo, Embold Health, LetsGetChecked and Kindbody. We forge close, long-term relationships with our portfolio companies, including serving as board members, to drive alignment with Morgan Health’s mission.

Our team has built a pipeline of more than 300 early-stage companies focused on advancing value-based and accountable care programs centered on chronic condition management and reversal; maternal health; musculoskeletal management; cancer diagnosis and care; and pharmaceutical services.

Foster innovation

Morgan Health’s innovation strategy is anchored in driving greater accountability throughout the system. One approach is supporting advanced primary care models, which integrate the full spectrum of specialty care, with payments based on outcomes rather than volume of patients or services. Other approaches enhance care navigation and care management, virtual and at-home care, and other means of driving better outcomes at lower cost.

Morgan Health partners with the JPMorgan Chase Benefits Team to identify and introduce innovative enhancements to health benefits offered to the firm’s U.S. based employees and their dependents. We also partner with JPMorgan Chase Business Banking and other lines of business on potential health care products or services to address market gaps in affordability, quality and equity for small and medium-size business clients.

Improve health equity

Health equity is foundational to Morgan Health’s investment and innovation strategy. We are committed to ensuring all patients have access to high quality health care, regardless of race, ethnicity and income level. In collaboration with others, Morgan Health takes a data-driven approach to identify any existing disparities within our employee population and then works to address them through our strategy and investments.

Promote policy around accountable care

Federal policy reforms are needed to help accelerate the commercial market’s transition to accountable care. Morgan Health has identified core areas that would serve as the foundation for broader transformation efforts, specifically:

Advancing data quality and uniformity standards: Health care payment, delivery and quality depend on clean, consistent data. Yet, barriers facing employers, health plans and providers continue to hinder meaningful data collection, use and reporting.

Addressing workforce shortages in primary and behavioral health: To expand access to critical services, policymakers should prioritize encouraging accountable care arrangements that promote primary care models that fully integrate primary behavioral health care. In models where there was full integration of primary and behavioral health care, the number of patients who receive behavioral health services increased while the total cost of care was reduced.

Deliver new health care models to local communities

In partnership with the JPMorgan Chase Benefits Team, Morgan Health helped launch five new advanced primary care centers in Columbus, Ohio, with Vera Whole Health (now part of apree health). Since opening in August 2022, nearly 5,300 patients have visited the care centers for various health services, with 33% returning for additional care and consultation.

Measure outcomes

Morgan Health will measure success based on specific metrics, such as better management of diabetes and cardiovascular risk and decreasing differences in quality and affordability in health care across racial and ethnic groups, as well as income levels. We intend to share data and insights to reveal critical gaps and enable others to push for greater accountability.