Founded: 2015
Partnered: September 2022

Why We Invested

In September 2022, Morgan Health invested in LetsGetChecked. The global health care solutions company provides clinical tools to conveniently and easily allow patients to manage their health from home.

LetsGetChecked's vertically integrated, configurable platform supports the full spectrum of patient care, providing direct access to diagnostic testing, genetic insights, virtual consultations and medication delivery. The company offers a complete end-to-end solution for patients, health plans, providers, life sciences, the public sector, and enterprise organizations, with access to more than 100 laboratory panels and personalized treatment plans.

“Timely access to clinical testing plays a critical role in improving employee health… LetsGetChecked is designed to serve and meet employees wherever they are, and make sure that they get the care they need.” Dan Mendelson CEO, Morgan Health

The LetsGetChecked platform plays a key role in reaching underserved employees and individuals who often face significant financial or logistical barriers to routine and recommended testing.