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"I am passionate about improving how consumers experience health care.”

Borislava Marcheva Vice President, Morgan Health

Morgan Health: Can you tell us a little about your work at Morgan Health?

Borislava Marcheva: In my role leading Marketplace Intelligence, I analyze how the health care market is changing from both the innovator and a purchaser perspectives (the two don’t always move in tandem). In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of point solutions, many of which have struggled to scale commercially and reach meaningful engagement. I try to learn why this happens, and identify opportunities to amplify innovative models of care among self-insured employers.

Morgan Health: How did your background lead you to the work you do today?

Borislava Marcheva: Having grown up in a publicly funded health care system, I was fascinated by the level of complexity of U.S. health care. Throughout my career, I’ve sought to understand what drives each segment and have worked for provider organizations, pharmaceutical companies, payers and innovators. I realized that this complexity is endemic to the system, but a strong consumer focus, if adopted across segments, can improve the patient experience and lead to better outcomes. Even the most innovative care and payment models would struggle to grow if patients are unhappy with their experience.

Morgan Health: What drives you?

Borislava Marcheva:I am passionate about improving how consumers experience health care. Many digital health technologies highlight their high NPS rates, and claim to provide a great experience. In fact, many of them bifurcate and complicate patient care if not properly integrated in existing models. A good consumer experience is modality agnostic and encompasses the many touch points patients have with the health care system. It’s a core element of patient engagement.

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