Founded: 2016
Partnered: July 2022

Why We Invested

Centivo provides self-insured employers with innovative health plans designed to address health care affordability for employees and their families.

Centivo's model is grounded in relationships with leading accountable care providers with a proven track record of delivering high quality, cost-effective care. Centivo works to align incentives between these providers and self-funded employers through timely access to care, affordable and predictable costs and outcomes-based compensation for providers tied to quality and cost-effectiveness.

Among mid-size and large employers, Centivo's typical client has saved 15 to 30 percent annually compared to traditional insurance models. In addition, members' medical and pharmacy out-of-pocket cost has, on average, been reduced to less than $350 per person per year. These cost reductions have occurred while increasing primary care utilization by more than 30 percent and strengthening quality through an advanced primary care-centered clinical model. Centivo members report high levels of satisfaction with overall affordability, cost predictability and care coordination.

“Centivo's model offers a technology-driven and innovative primary care platform that can respond to members' health needs at every moment.” Peter Scher, Vice Chairman, JPMorgan Chase & Co.