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JPMorgan Chase & Co. U.S. employees and dependents covered

“Morgan Health shares our mission to tackle the enormous price disparity and lack of transparency in health care, particularly when it comes to family-building. In order to fix it, you have to disrupt the spread model by connecting employers directly with doctors.”

Gina Bartasi Founder and Chair, Kindbody

“We are honored, proud, and thrilled to collaborate with Morgan Health on our journey to radically transform health care affordability for America’s workers and their families. Morgan Health’s deep understanding of the industry’s systemic challenges and their unwavering commitment to supporting companies who get it right propels our shared goal of reimagining the employer-sponsored health care market for the better.”

Ashok Subramanian CEO, Centivo

“I am optimistic that Morgan Health’s strategy will offer a road map for other employers. If they can rein in costs while improving workers’ health, other companies will watch what happens and be fast followers.”

Ron Williams Former Chairman and CEO of Aetna Inc.

“There are ways we can make significant improvements and we intend to take a disciplined approach to solving some of these issues in a meaningful way.”

Jamie Dimon Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“The firm has been investing in developing solutions to address social and economic challenges over the past 10 years. We plan to take what we’ve learned there and apply it to health care.”

Peter Scher Vice Chairman, JPMorgan Chase & Co.